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Getting pregnant can be a huge change in your life, in your career, social life, studies (if it’s the case) and in your relationships. It’s not just a change, it’s a forever kind of change. If you’re reading this, we suppose your conditions are not the ideal ones to go through a pregnancy. Maybe your partner is not there to see, or not as supportive as you’d expect. Maybe your parents don’t approve of your pregnancy. Maybe you’re afraid your career will go down. Your financial situation doesn’t allow another child? Maybe your child has an anomaly you didn’t expect? Maybe you just don’t feel prepared.  

Whatever the reasons are, you might be feeling scared, even terrified. Or doubting if you will succeed in your life after this pregnancy. We live in a world where, often words like love, success, and happiness are constantly used or misused. In this video, it is presented to us by Robert Waldinger, The Harvard Study of Adult Development that for 75 years, studied what makes us happy and healthy as we go through life. Only to discover that we tend to forget what is most basic: our relationships.  

There are people in pregnancy centers working day and sometimes night, truly we tell you, that you might keep your baby, that you might find joy and love in this new life inside you. A child ALWAYS brings love. Always brings hope. Always brings peace. This is not a cheesy brainwash. This is not a judgment on your behavior or an attempt to change who you are. It’s not an attempt to emotionally manipulate you. This is pure reality, pure Nature. It is a call on your heart that you might make a decision that will truly make you happy, free. Both of you. The three of you…


Did you know that 100% of pregnancies are caused by men? Let them also take responsibility 🙂 It takes two to Tango, baby. Yes, this is also to all the men reading this. We don’t say „This is also your fault“, we say „You can do this. That girl needs you now, don’t give her your back“, either your romantic relationship will work out in the future or not.

Women or men hardly ever regret having a child – even in the most extreme conditions, even if it’s not theirs to keep and they gave him/her to adoption, even if it’s not as „perfect“ as our society expects and demands, even if they have to delay their graduation for some years, even if that promotion won’t come along anymore.

Girl, you are beautiful and brave, let no one tell you otherwise. Boy, you are brave and strong, and we need you, let no one tell you otherwise. The life you carry inside is PRECIOUS. Let no one tell you otherwise.

Oh well and what about money? What is the real cost of a pregnancy?    

Having a baby can get expensive. Depending on the country you’re living, something between 1,000 € and 8,000 € (per year). Countless expecting mothers end up blindsided by unexpected pregnancy costs. When pregnancy expenses follow women into postpartum it makes this special time stressful instead of exciting.    

Thankfully, many organizations are looking forward to helping you make a plan and providing financial assistance. 

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