How to start defending life?!
Join the movement with your friends.

How to start a

Group in your Uni

Build a Unigroup

* Write us a hi at 😊 or use our contact form – we’ll provide you all the guidance you need.

* Ask around your friends who wants to join! You’ll need to be at least 3 like minded people to start off

* Pick a Name, create an Email and draft a Mission

* You’ll receive your “Life Advocate Kit” with a logo, graphics for social media and merchandising 

* Plan Your First Group Meeting

* HOST A PRO-LIFE EVENT, Go out to the streets: To make an impact, we have to engage our peers where they are and demonstrate on the streets!

Host a LifeTalk​

Let's change the world together!

Just leave us your contact info and we’ll get in touch with you.