How to start defending life?
TAKE COURAGE AND Join the movement with your friends.

How to start a

PROLIFE Group where you are


* Write us a hi at 😊 or use our contact form – we’ll provide you all the guidance you need.

* Ask around your friends who wants to join! You’ll need to be at least 3 like minded people to start off

* Pick a Name, create an Email and draft a Mission

* You’ll receive your “Life Advocate Kit” with a logo, graphics for social media and merchandising 

* Plan Your First Group Meeting

* HOST A PRO-LIFE EVENT, Go out to the streets: To make an impact, we have to engage our peers where they are and demonstrate on the streets!

Host a LifeTalk​

ProLife Europe offers LifeTALKS for all schools from the 8th grade onwards. The talk takes place with two school units and is free of charge. During the lecture, the various topics are worked out sensitively and interactively with the class. Students are encouraged to ask questions so that the topic can really be grasped.

We’ll be discussing topics like the beginning of our existence as human beings: When does human life begin according to science? How does the unborn child develop inside the mother’s womb? Through pictures and interesting facts, the course and value of unborn life are illustrated and explained.

Don't have time?

If  you don’t have time you can also support our mission financially.. Why do we need money? To reach more people by hiring Regional Coordinators that can help our groups keeping up with their motivation and work. Right now we have 30 groups in 7 different countries and only 4 regional coordinators to manage all of that! 

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