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Help us expose the truth about abortion

ProLife Europe is committed towards one goal: the defense of the dignity of human life.

We empower students in their universities, schools, and cities, to carry out peer education, awareness activities and assist pregnant women and victims of abortion. With your donation, we can unleash love, light, and hope throughout local communities in Europe.

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Other ways of helping

If you prefer, you can also make a bank transfer:

AUSTRIA IBAN: AT30 5400 0000 0070 6283 | BIC: OBLAAT2L

Germany IBAN: DE91 3702 0500 0001 6602 01 | BIC: BFSWDE33MUE

HUNGARY IBAN: HU96 1173 7007 2372 5601 0000 0000 | BIC: OTPVHUHB

Switzerland IBAN: CH34 0900 0000 1581 1952 5 | IC: POFICHBEXXX


How to be a Life Saver:

You want to join our movement to create a Europe, where every life is loved and celebrated?
Follow these steps to officially become a LifeSAVER on our joined mission:

1. Go to the Donation Form
2. Set up your monthly donation (min. 5€/month)
3. Choose „LifeSafer” donation
4. Add your postal address information to receive your LifeSaver Material Kit

Start advocating for life!