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ProLife Europe offers LifeTALKS for all schools from the 8th grade onwards. The talk takes place with two school units and is free of charge. During the lecture, the various topics are worked out sensitively and interactively with the class. Students are encouraged to ask questions so that the topic can really be grasped.

The LifeTALKS are divided in four topics:

Beginning – topic 1

The first part discusses the beginning of our existence as human beings: When does human life begin according to science? How does the unborn child develop inside the mother’s womb? Through pictures and interesting facts, the course and value of unborn life are illustrated and explained.

Life matters – topic 2

After talking about life with a scientific eye, the examination of human dignity in a philosophical prespective takes place. The following questions are intended to stimulate reflection on the subject: If every life is valuable and equal, do we need abortion at all? What happens during an abortion? Does it dignify women? How many abortions really take place? Is our society really fighting for equality and inclusion, making abortion legal?

After an abortion – topic 3

What do the facts say about the little known Post Abortion Syndrome? The views during an unwanted pregnancy, on the subject of abortion, are usually not known to the students. What are the physical consequences of abortion? Is there mental suffering after an abortion? Should there more research about it? What typically happens to a couple after going through an abortion?

Not alone – topic 4

At this point, we will discuss if abortion should ever be considered as the only way out of unwanted pregnancies. What possibilities and alternatives are there for affected women and girls? Who can help? Who can be approached? How can I help a friend in this situation?

Ending debate: Finally, there is an exchange of views, for the students to form an individual and independent opinion.


We are convinced that the protection of human life concerns everyone – regardless of religious views or political orientations. That’s why we offer free LifeTALKS for all students from the 8th grade upwards to discuss pregnancy, abortion and the vast value of human life. Our trained speakers are often still students themselves, which creates a very open discussion atmosphere.

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